Voice-over-IP Service

We offer our customers excellent Voice-over-IP (VOIP) service at a low cost. Our service provides a high quality phone-to-phone communication service, rechargeable pre-pay account, and a fully functional international (US-based) telephone number direct to your VOIP device. Make outgoing and receive incoming calls effortlessly - no pin codes, no software to run on your PC, no hassle.


iDirect is the industry leader in satellite-based broadband access solutions delivering all the benefits of high speed IP networking beyond the constraints of traditional landline networks.

Developed specifically to meet the .......more

Large or small, whatever your VSAT communication needs, Comtech Systems has the answer. We can design complete systems and supply all the components for a VSAT network including

modems, upconverters .............more

TAJADOD CO. delivers a broad spectrum of services to our clients. Let' s face it. You probably don' t notice your computer systems network much - unless it' s down. And if your network is down, your business is down.
TAJADOD CO. offers affordable maintenance plans that include planned service for your network, significantly reducing possibilities for unplanned outages. TAJADOD CO.' s technicians will monitor your network, servers, workstations, and key points of failure such as network routers, hubs and switches, and other network electronics on a regular basis. You can rest with the assurance that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent such disruptions as virus attacks, network intrusions, and other network security exposures............ more

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